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Identifying your Farmall, International Harvester, McCormick,
McCormick Deering tractor Magneto / Distributor

In most cases looking at the rotor is the easiest way to identify which magneto or distributor you have.

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If you have the rotor above, you have an IHC distributor. The IHC distributor can be found on almost any Farmall Interrnational, or McCormick Deering tractor from the 1940's Through the 1970's. After 1962 This distrbutor uses a different cap and points, but the condensor, and rotor are the same, If you have the rotor above, you have an IHC H4 magneto. The H4 magneto was used on Farmall A, B, C, H, M, Super A; McCormick & McCormick Deering W4, W6, and W9; International I6, I9 and industrial power units from the late 1930's to the early 1950's. The H4 magneto was never used on Cub tractors. If you have the rotor above, you have a IHC J4 magneto. The  J4 magneto was only used on Cub tractors built before the mid 1950's. It was also used on International power units using the C60 Cub engine.
The F4 magneto can be easily identified by the large horse shoe magnet, and manual timing advance. The F4 magneto was used on Farmall F12, F14, F20, F30; McCormick Deering W12, W14, and W30 tractors; International Various power units. The F4 was only used up to 1939 If you have the rotor above, your tractor has been converted to a Delco distributor. On later tractors the Delco distributor was available as a replacement for the stock IHC distributor. There was also a conversion kit, complete with a drive block and external coil to update earlier Farmall, McCormick, and International tractors originally equipped with a magneto. If you have the rotor above, your tractor has been converted to an Autolite distributor. The Autolite distributor was available both as a direct replacement for later tractors, and as an upgrade for tractors originally equipped with an H-4, or J-4 magneto. The Autolite conversion was not very popular on Farmall and International tractors, however we do run across them on occasion.
























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