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Buy Description Price
Farmall F4 Magneto points, condenser $35.00
Farmall F4 Magneto coil $59.00
Farmall H4 Magneto points, condenser $15.00
Farmall H4 Magneto points, condenser, rotor $23.00
Farmall H4 Magneto magneto cap $18.00
Farmall H4 Magneto coil cover $24.00
Farmall H4 Magneto coil $59.00
Farmall H4 Magneto gasket set $8.50
Farmall H4 Magneto drive gear $19.00
Farmall J4 Magneto points, condenser $13.00
Farmall J4 Magneto rotor with gear $65.95
Farmall J4 Magneto coil $62.00
Farmall J4 Gasket set $11.00
Farmall IHC Distributor points, condenser, rotor $15.00
Farmall IHC Distributor Dust cover $12.00
Farmall IHC Distributor drive gear $38.00
Farmall IHC Distributor drive shaft $29.00
Farmall IHC Distributor  and J4 Magneto cap $9.00
Farmall Delco Distributor points, condensor, rotor $10.00
Farmall Delco distributor 4-Cyl cap $10.00
Farmall 6V Delco style ignition coil (Works with IHC and Delco distributors) $24.00
Farmall 12V Delco style ignition coil (Works with IHC and Delco distributors) $24.00



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