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John Deere A & B hood patch.

Our John Deere hood patches are designed to weld on from the bottom and have the original rolled edge muffler opening.
The A hood patch is flanged on all four sides. Installation is as simple as cutting A 6-1/2" X 6-1/2" square hole around the muffler opening. The hood patch is then easily welded in from the back side using the four sided flange. The seam on the top side of the hood can then be finished using a small amount of body filler
The B hood patch is installed much the same way except that it is only flanged on two sides due to the rolled dent for the steering shaft to pass through. Some additional body work is required on the two non flanged sides, but it is still a lot easier than trying to repair the hood from scratch.


Buy Description Price
John Deere A Hood patch $22.00
John Deere B Hood patch $22.00

John Deere A & B muffler patch.



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